Guide To Buying Real iOS App Downloads

Are you wondering why your new iOS app on Apple’s store is not getting new downloads and installs? The reason is simple. There are more than 2.5 million apps in the store. Apple’s App Store search algorithms are not forgiving new developers and app owners.
The algorithms make sure apps with low downloads, installs, and ratings will never appear in the top results. There are many apps in the store that are better than the ones we’ve on our iPhones and tablets. Unfortunately, due to their low rating, they are nowhere to be seen, unless you search using a keyword.
If you, for example, develop an app that offers food delivery services, it is likely to face stiff competition. First, your app will not be on the top results. The only people who will get a chance to download and install it are your friends because you’ll give them a keyword or link.
Food delivery is a business app. Its success will depend on its popularity. Of course, your dream is to have the app known by everyone in your city, not just your friends. Now, you must be wondering what is it that you have to do to make your app appear on the top results. The solution is simple, market your app.
If you are new to mobile app development, you might be wondering how and where to market your app. Have you been getting Ads when using certain apps and when surfing on the internet using your iPhone? Some of these ads are advertising new mobile apps, and when you click on the install button, the app starts downloading. That is just but mobile app marketing.
Paying your local TV and radio broadcasters to advertise your app is expensive. It is also not going to work for you if the app has low downloads, installs, and ratings. No one wants to spend hours looking for your app in the store. Keep reading to understand whether you should buy ios app downloads and how to.

What is App Store Optimization (ASO)?

Also known to many as Mobile App Seo or Mobile App Store Marketing. ASO improves the number of downloads, install, and rating of apps directly within app stores such as iTunes, Windows Store, and Google Play.
Apart from raising the number of installs, ASO also increases your brand exposure, audience engagement, and positive app reviews and rating. It overlaps traditional search engine optimization.
When you decide to promote your app, you will be working with publishers who are going to include your ads in their apps or mobile websites. You will have to pay for these services. The payment depends on your agreement.
Unfortunately, most app stores have techniques to detect installs that aren’t real. It is not a matter of just downloading and installing the app. To get the best results, you should work with ASO service providers that guarantee real installs.
Installing the app and then uninstalling the app before interacting with it for some months won’t help. Don’t sign deals with companies that are not willing to keep the app on their phones for about three months. You should work with a company that will also guarantee positive reviews and good ratings.
Now that you know the companies you should work with to popularize your app. It is worth knowing how much it will cost you and how to calculate the charges. There are different pricing models in mobile app development. Many app developers and owners often prefer the following pricing models:
Cost Per Install (CPI) Cost Per Download (CPD) Cost Per Click (CPC) Cost Per Action (CPA) Cost Per Mile (CPM) Cost Per View (CPV)
Every pricing model has its pros and drawbacks. Choosing the best pricing model for you may not be an easy task. Of course, you don’t want to pay for services that won’t boost your app performance in the app store. Many developers and app owners who have been in this business for years prefer Cost Per Install.

Why CPI?

The Cost Per Install pricing models concentrates at increasing your brand awareness and giving you a high number of downloads and installs at the lowest cost. According to the CPI pricing model, you get the price per install by dividing the total spending on ads by the number of downloads.

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