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The Ultimate Guide To Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddle boarding or SUP as it is often referred to is seen in various cultures all with slightly different origins and long histories linked to hunting, life guarding and for fun. In parts of Africa warriors would stand on their canoes and propel them forward in order to be more stealthy when attacking or hunting. In Hawaii hundreds of years ago people would stand on boards up to 5 meters in length and propel them forwards while standing. And in Tel Aviv life guards use paddle boards in the fairly still waters there to get a better view of swimmers.

A Brief History

The current form of SUP that we see today originated in Hawaii in the 1900s but forms of stand up paddle boards have been seen all over the globe from Peru, to Italy, to China.

In the 20th century, paddle boarding in Hawaii began to get adopted by some American surfers who then brought the sport to the States and 4 epicenters of the sport began to grow. San Diego, San Clemente, Malibu and Santa Cruz became the SUP destinations in America. Spearheaded by 4 surfers Rick Thomas, Ron House, Laird Hamilton and Bob Pearson respectively.

In the early 2000s stand up paddle boarding had gained some momentum but was for the most part still just popular within the surfing community and the sport was surfing waves. But in 2005 this changed. An athlete named Archie Kalepa started using a stand up paddle board to compete in cross channel races between some of the islands in Hawaii. There is now a whole sport of downwind paddle board racing to which he is considered the forefather.

In 2007 a group of stand up paddle boarders including Ernie Brassard and Blane Chambers saw the potential of the sport and organised the first inland race on the north shore of Lake Tahoe in California. That race is still going today and it’s perhaps the starting point of the development of boards specifically for flat water rather than for surfing.

Boards and Materials

The type of board used for stand up paddle boarding in the surf is very different from the boards used for touring on flat water. The surf designed ones are pointed at the front and flat on the bottom, they essentially look like a large surfboard. But the touring boards are rounded at the front, often a lot wider, and some even began to be available with a displacement hull a bit like a canoe or a small boat. Additional features such as padded tops for comfort while riding, and deck rigging so you can carry gear and clothing were added to some boards. This made them a vessel for adventure and a great way for people to relax on the water or go fishing or even travel between islands. Traditionally paddle boards were made of glass reinforced plastic with an expanded polystyrene core. And many performance boards still are. However recently inflatable SUPs have been gaining popularity since they are far easier to transport and much more durable than you might think.

So How Do You Actually Do It?

When you see surfers riding waves. You will notice that the stand sideways facing the side of the board rather than the front. If you, like me, have ever thought stand up paddle boarding works the same way, then you will have probably embarrassed yourself and fallen off a few times.

Stand up paddle boarding requires the user to stand facing the front of the board, unless you have caught a wave in which case you will want to turn sideways and stand as you would on a surfboard. The reason for standing forwards is because the width and shape of the board gives you stability in that direction whereas standing sideways and trying to paddle will cause your balance to shift horizontally on the board and consequently probably fall off!

The actual paddle is shaped a bit like a V. You want the point of the V to be facing behind you as you push through the water or again you may have issues with balance as well as simply finding it very difficult to push through the water

Stand up paddle boarding is a fantastic way of relaxing. You can use it like a surf board and enjoy the waves or you can use in on still waters and cruise along. This versatility has led it to become a very popular sport in recent years and you can learn at many surf schools, as well as SUP specific schools inland on lakes!


Guide To Buying Real iOS App Downloads

Are you wondering why your new iOS app on Apple’s store is not getting new downloads and installs? The reason is simple. There are more than 2.5 million apps in the store. Apple’s App Store search algorithms are not forgiving new developers and app owners.
The algorithms make sure apps with low downloads, installs, and ratings will never appear in the top results. There are many apps in the store that are better than the ones we’ve on our iPhones and tablets. Unfortunately, due to their low rating, they are nowhere to be seen, unless you search using a keyword.
If you, for example, develop an app that offers food delivery services, it is likely to face stiff competition. First, your app will not be on the top results. The only people who will get a chance to download and install it are your friends because you’ll give them a keyword or link.
Food delivery is a business app. Its success will depend on its popularity. Of course, your dream is to have the app known by everyone in your city, not just your friends. Now, you must be wondering what is it that you have to do to make your app appear on the top results. The solution is simple, market your app.
If you are new to mobile app development, you might be wondering how and where to market your app. Have you been getting Ads when using certain apps and when surfing on the internet using your iPhone? Some of these ads are advertising new mobile apps, and when you click on the install button, the app starts downloading. That is just but mobile app marketing.
Paying your local TV and radio broadcasters to advertise your app is expensive. It is also not going to work for you if the app has low downloads, installs, and ratings. No one wants to spend hours looking for your app in the store. Keep reading to understand whether you should buy ios app downloads and how to.

What is App Store Optimization (ASO)?

Also known to many as Mobile App Seo or Mobile App Store Marketing. ASO improves the number of downloads, install, and rating of apps directly within app stores such as iTunes, Windows Store, and Google Play.
Apart from raising the number of installs, ASO also increases your brand exposure, audience engagement, and positive app reviews and rating. It overlaps traditional search engine optimization.
When you decide to promote your app, you will be working with publishers who are going to include your ads in their apps or mobile websites. You will have to pay for these services. The payment depends on your agreement.
Unfortunately, most app stores have techniques to detect installs that aren’t real. It is not a matter of just downloading and installing the app. To get the best results, you should work with ASO service providers that guarantee real installs.
Installing the app and then uninstalling the app before interacting with it for some months won’t help. Don’t sign deals with companies that are not willing to keep the app on their phones for about three months. You should work with a company that will also guarantee positive reviews and good ratings.
Now that you know the companies you should work with to popularize your app. It is worth knowing how much it will cost you and how to calculate the charges. There are different pricing models in mobile app development. Many app developers and owners often prefer the following pricing models:
Cost Per Install (CPI) Cost Per Download (CPD) Cost Per Click (CPC) Cost Per Action (CPA) Cost Per Mile (CPM) Cost Per View (CPV)
Every pricing model has its pros and drawbacks. Choosing the best pricing model for you may not be an easy task. Of course, you don’t want to pay for services that won’t boost your app performance in the app store. Many developers and app owners who have been in this business for years prefer Cost Per Install.

Why CPI?

The Cost Per Install pricing models concentrates at increasing your brand awareness and giving you a high number of downloads and installs at the lowest cost. According to the CPI pricing model, you get the price per install by dividing the total spending on ads by the number of downloads.


How To Decide On An App To Receive Crypto Alerts


Are you struggling to make a profit by trading cryptocurrencies?
Is your trading blueprint not working out for you?
If yes, the best solution is to choose the crypto alerts service. A crypto alerts service will provide you with cryptocurrency alerts on which you can trade. That is why you will not have to fine-tune your trading method or create a trading blueprint.
Due to the ease of trade, the demand for such services has gone through the roof. However, you cannot make money by following every other alert service. You have to be quite picky.
For an average trader, it is difficult to decipher which crypto alerts service should they choose. We will help you out with the same today. We will share with you five tips that will help you choose the right crypto alert service. The five factors below will help you judge the crypto alerts service to pick the one which is versatile and relatively accurate to help you make money.

1. Coverage:
The first thing which you need to look at is the coverage that crypto alerts service offers. By coverage, we mean the number of cryptocurrencies which it tracks and covers. There are over 200 cryptocurrencies that have a reasonably large trading volume. That is why, if crypto alerts service includes a couple of cryptocurrencies, it might not provide you with regular alerts.
It is better to choose a crypto alerts service that covers most of the cryptocurrencies like:
• Bitcoin
• Ripple
• Ethereum
• Binance coin
• Tron
• And so on
It should cover at least 10 to 12 cryptocurrencies so that you receive crypto alerts regularly. It will help you trade frequently and generate handsome profits.
2. Type of signals:
Not all crypto alert services provide you with the same kind of alerts. You have to look at the alerts that you get through such services before subscribing to them. The type of signals varies depending on the trading technique that the service advocates. The different types of trades are:
• Long Trade:
You need to find out whether the alerts service provides you with the long trading signals or short trading signals or both. The long trading signal indicates that you have to buy, and you expect the cryptocurrency to
go up.
• Short Trade or both:
On the other hand, the short trading signal indicates that the cryptocurrency might go down, and you should sell first and buy later. Ideally, the crypto alerts service should be able to provide you with both of these so that you can trade in any direction.
• Scalping:
Different crypto alerts services use different techniques. The alerts which they generate are dependent on these techniques. Scalping trades involve trades that are executed on breakouts and therefore provide you with quick 2% to 5%.
• Swing trade:
Swing trades are slightly long term in nature and can last from one day to 1 week.
• Long term trade:
Long term trades in the cryptocurrency world can last for one month to 6 months. Thus, you have to look at the type of alerts that they have on offer.
If a crypto alerts service can offer you at least two types of signals across these many options, it is an excellent option to consider that. The diversification of alerts will ensure that you can trade safely.
3. The medium of alerts:
The question which you need to ask yourself while choosing such a service is, how would you receive crypto alerts once you subscribe to the service?
The answer will help you determine which service you should choose. The mediums available are:
• Email alerts
• Notification alerts
• App alerts
• Dashboard alerts
• SMS alerts
• Whatsapp alerts
• Telegram alerts
• And so on
It is common for a crypto alerts service to offer you multiple options to choose the medium that you prefer. However, it is essential to look at the medium of alerts before subscribing to the service. Only when that medium is convenient for you, you can go ahead and opt for the service.
4. Accuracy:
Another factor that you need to keep in mind when comparing different crypto alerts services is their accuracy. You can ask them regarding their previous track record. However, you should not be naive to think that they will have a 100% track record. Anything above 60% can help you make a significant amount of money with proper money management techniques. It is a good idea to choose a crypto alerts service that has a success rate above that threshold.
5. Reviews:
Lastly, before choosing any crypto alerts service, you need to look at the reviews of the service. Only once you do so, it will become easy to select a reliable crypto alerts service. You can search for reviews online and ask for references from the service that you are planning to subscribe to. Contacting those references will help you gain some real feedback on the crypto alerts service.
Thus, if you’re serious about cryptocurrency trading, subscribing to a crypto alerts service is a must. However, only when you use our guide above to choose the right crypto alerts service can you expect to make some money from it. With the help of our guide, it would be easy to start trading and make a decent amount of return.

Find out how to build your Warden In ESO


When we talk about games that had a major effect on the world of gaming as we know we usually think of the Elder Scrolls series too, made by Bethesda. Being one of the most emblematic RPGs with many entries in the series, more notable are the Elder Scrolls: Morrowind, Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, and Elder Scrolls Skyrim, and preparing for the next Elder Scrolls that was announced this year it is obvious that for a long time a game in which you could be in the Elder Scrolls universe and play with other people was a thing that many people wanted, including I.

When we are talking about online games, most of us have some reservations, we are not very sure about them, they can truly ruin a series. Successes are not very often in the world of MMORPGs, but when they are, they become enormous, just think about what World of Warcraft accomplished. This rarity is due to the fact that to make an MMORPG the number of resources that you need is quite large, and to make a valid way of fighting that will not be too boring and repetitive is almost impossible. So when ESO, even if it’s not actually made by the same developers, was announced even though many of us were happy, we were concerned too, concerned that it might ruin the series as a whole. But it didn’t, and we have a great

MMORPG, with a great combat system and the possibility to visit different places in Tamriel.
When it comes to creating your character, we have the well-known races like Nords, High Elf, Wood Elf, Dark Elf, Breton, Redguard, Khajit, Argonian, Orcs, and Imperial. But unlike Skyrim ESO does have classes.
There are five classes in ESO: Dragonknight, Sorcerer, Nightblade, Templar, and Warden. All of this classes provide different ways to play in the world of ESO, let exemplify this by doing an ESO warden build. This class is truly fun to play because it’s so versatile, you can be tanky but the funniest part in it is that you can be a great DPS by using ice magic, but you can be a healer due to your nature abilities. Also, and this is the best part you can have animal companions which makes the playthrough even more awesome.

About the equipment that you might need I highly recommend the Necropotence Set because it comes with the basic game, that means that you won’t have to buy other DLCs like Thieves guild or Morrowind.
This set is really great if you are a magic user because it increases your Magicka a lot, and it’s not that hard to find. You can find it in Rivenspire but more you can find on Elder scrolls online wiki.
If you would ask me how to play this class I would suggest that you go for a DPS build because there the beast companion become really really useful, and you have a cool grizzly as a friend, what’s cooler than that.

Summoners War – The Turn-based MMO Mobile Game


Are you an enthusiast to strategic games? Then you will fancy the newly action-packed Summoners War game. It is suitable for both adults and teenagers. Although the game mainly involves combat, the violence isn’t that bloody and has no explicit sexual scenes or use of bad language except for “dammit.” If you are new to the Summoners War game, below are some basics to help you comprehend the game better.
What is Summoners War?

Summoners War is a mobile-based game that revolves around combat and features thrilling gameplay to provide plays with a fulfilling gaming experience. It was developed by Com2Us and was first launched in 2014 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Since then, this game has gained massive popularity and has over 80 million active global users. The game is available for both Android and iOS devices, but one can use a mirroring application to stream it on Mac and Windows computers.
Summoners War gameplay

Summoners War gameplay is pretty simple. Rather than on-street wars, it features more civilized arena battles in a well-designed 3D world. Players are required to collect monsters and enter RPG combat. These monsters upgrade their fighting skills and properties with time to allow them to take on combat roles in the arena.

There are five classifications of monsters: water, fire, wind, dark and light monsters. But as a first-time player, you get access to 4 summons: Vagabond, Fairy, Hellhound and Garuda. Except for Vagabond, the other summons showcase some useful skills to enable you to progress further in the game with good runes.

Winning the combats is the only way to earn materials and money you require to upgrade your monsters. You can customize their evolving to take on attack roles, tank roles, support and combination roles. Basically, there are close to 1000 different beasts that you can leverage to earn your victory in the sky arena.

The dominant faction on the land controls the treasured magical mana crystals. And this is a major cause of rivalry. You need to continually collect crystals and mana throughout the gameplay. Alternatively, you can purchase the crystals on the Google Play store or App store.
Some invaluable tips to help you progress further and faster

• Try as much as possible to complete your daily mission. They might be challenging, but they will earn you adequate crystals and runes to help you progress

• Analyze your monsters carefully and identify their strengths and weaknesses. Doing so will help you select the appropriate monster to face your opponent based on their fighting traits.

• Consider joining the guild battles for a chance to earn more points

• Take up challenges in the arena frequently. Ideally, select an opponent that you can easily beat to level up your ranking and additionally gain great wards.

• Lastly, ensure your monsters are upgraded to guarantee you a win. The easiest way to upgrade your monsters is to replay the challenges you have already completed.
Final words

Summoners war is a good fantasy game with a myriad of creatures and beast designed to enhance your gaming experience. It incorporates advice forums to add to its user-friendliness. What’s more, you get to compete with other online players in the Summoners War World Arena Championship held every year. This game is definitely worth a look.